Select Electrical provides private utility locating services throughout the South Metro. By law, a person is required to locate all underground utilities before starting an excavation project. Select Electrical is experienced and will help by locating your unidentified underground utilities.underground_1

Select Electrical’s private utilities locating service should work in conjunction with your local 811 One Call system, as Select Electrical services do not replace the One Call system but the public system and Select Electrical services should supplement each other to provide a more thorough utility investigation. The One Call service will typically only locate public utilities up to a customer’s meter or private connection point. Private utilities, on the other hand, are the responsibility of the property owner. These privately- and customer-owned utilities account for almost 65% of all buried utilities in the United States. Besides the legal requirement, failure to locate these underground utilities before you excavate can result in serious injury or even death, as well as damage to the utilities and the property. Select Electrical provides high quality customer service as well as accurate utility locating results. Select Electrical can locate telecommunications cables, sprinkler systems, propane tank lines, security lighting wires, ancillary electrical conduits, and more.